About me

Hi friends!

My name is Hannah! I am 17 years old & I live in Charleston, SC! Here’s a little about me 🙂


I grew up going to church every Sunday & learning about this guy named Jesus who didn’t want me to curse or disobey my parents. Years ago I learned that He is soooo much more than that. He teaches me to love others & myself. He is the root of my joy & all of my creativity.

I like to spend my time writing, taking pictures, & coloring in those “adult” coloring books! I have a very large collection of striped shirts, that I wear constantly, & journals, that are filled with many words and doodles.

I started this blog to share my outfits & the different aspects of my life! I hope that through this blog I can brighten your day a little bit.

Thanks so much for clicking on my blog & I hope you stick around 🙂

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  1. I love your unique style and attitude about fashion!

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