How to Stay Motivated & Organized for School (& life in general)

Hello friends!

Today I am going to let you know some things that help me stay motivated & organized for school and life! All of these things weirdly work for me so I hope they help you! 🙂

  1. Making my bed: This for some reason motivates me to be productive the rest of the day. I feel like if I make my bed in the morning I tend to do more things in the day!
  2. Plan your whole day: This has been helping me a lot! I was never the person to have a planner but I found one that I love & I have actually been keeping up with it. On Sunday nights I plan my whole week out, then everyday I add whatever I need to!


The planner that I use is the Day Designer from Target! I love it! Each day is a full page which might seem like a little much but it works great! There are 7 sections for each day which includes an hourly schedule of the day, top three things for the day, to do list, night time plans, quote of the day, notes sections, and daily gratitude! (The quote for today is: “The secret to success is constancy to purpose” -Benjamin Disraeli)


3. Take good notes: This one applies more to school! I have found it very benefitial to take good notes for school! Whenever I’m taking notes I use good pencils & pens and I also use highlighters to make my notes legible & colorful!


4. Cute Notebooks: This goes along with taking good notes! I tend to take better notes when I have a cute notebook! I also like to have a notebook for each class to keep everything separated! The notebooks I am currently using are all from Target!


5. Comfortable Outfit: This one applies to everything! I promise that if you wear an outfit that you are comfortable & confident in then your day will be so much better!

6. Make a playlist of your favorite songs: This does not work for everyone but I know that sometimes music helps people when studying or working on something! It also a really good way to get pumped for the day!

7. Take breaks & reward yourself: Taking breaks can help you so much!! After 30 mintues of studying, reward yourself with 10 minutes of phone time or whatever you think will benefit you!


I hope these tips help you stay motivated & organized!

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